Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cloverfield to be titled Overnight?

Empire Movies, whom I read quite frequently, is reporting that a law firm that J.J. Abrams does business with has trademarked the name Overnight, and some are speculating that the unofficially titled monster movie Cloverfield, apparently about a monster attack on New York City over a single night, may be getting such a name.

If that is a case, all I have to say: what a stupid name (hence agreeing with Brendan at Empire Movies). Maybe I've just grown used to Cloverfield (not saying that that would make a good final title, either), but Overnight sounds like some tweeny comedy destined for direct-to-DVD. Other names that have been tossed around by speculating blogiots such as Colossus, Monstrous, and Slusho all fall flat to me as well.

Personally, I would go with one of the original rumored names, The Parasite, or, preferrably, the simple title of 1-18-08 (or some variation). After all, if the movie does indeed take place on one night, why not give it an eerie "Remember that day" kind of name. Of course, if the movie takes place in the summer, then that might be a problem.

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Ben Lid said...

I'm totally used to Cloverfield as a name too. Just stick with that. By the time we find out the real deal it'll be tatooed to my tongue do to repeated use...