Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter box office: The Order of the Phoenix makes $140 million

At first glance, the $77 million that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix would seem unimpressive for a franchise that expects much more, but, then again, this is the first Harry Potter movie that opened on a Wednesday. And since Wednesday, Harry Potter's 5-day total is a scorching $140 million, not too shabby for a franchise film that is easily the worst film of the series.

The reception of the film may hurt it a bit in the long run, but the first week is full of newbies who are willing to ignore reviews (and it's not that reviews were bad, just not as good) to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Even in the weeks to come, most Harry Potter fans will go see this movie again - I thought it sucked compared to the other movies, but still plan on catching it for a second time.

In other box office news, Transformers dropped a respectable 46% to $36 million, bringing its total to $222 million. Compared to other big blockbusters like Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, this is a very good sign, but it's no surprise - Transformers was embraced by critics and fans alike much more than either of those other two films.

Captivity, the only movie brave enough (or stupid enough) to open against Harry Potter, opened in twelfth place with $1.5 million. No surprise here, really.

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