Friday, July 6, 2007

Shoot 'Em Up movie marketing review - Clive Owen got bored waiting for Sin City 2

Sin City 2 is still in the works as far as I know, but every once in a while it gets pushed back just a little farther. Will it come out in 2007? Unlikely. 2008? Hopefully. Does anyone really know? Maybe Robert Rodriguez, but that's about it.

That being said, it appears that Clive Owen decided not to wait, so he joined the cast of Shoot 'Em Up, the poorly titled action movie from writer/director Michael Davis, who hasn't written or directed anything worth noting thus far. The movie does star the very good looking Monica Belluci (though she doesn't look as good here as she has in the past) and almost-no-longer-underrated actor Paul Giamatti, but even the cast doesn't have me squirming to go see this one.

Two pieces of marketing material have come out in recent weeks - three movie posters and a movie trailer. The posters are good enough. The Clive Owen one looks especially like something you would expect from Sin City, only not as creative. The Giamatti one is nothing to scream about, and the Belluci one tries to be sexy but really fails. Her pose isn't anything great, and what's that she's holding?

As for the movie trailer, Shoot 'Em Up looks like it could have potential as a mindless action film, but the trailer just isn't cohesive enough to get me excited. There's plenty of action, but the marketing department didn't a very good job of making the action look exciting or original. There's too much talking in the trailer, actually - since the movie's an action flick, focus on the frikkin' action!

All in all, I'm not holding my breath for Shoot 'Em Up, but with the cast alone it's worth paying attention to. The marketing department will need to up their game, though. You can check out the other Shoot 'Em Up movie posters and trailer here.

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