Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Fred Claus movie posters

Fred Claus movie poster: funny, but funny enough?Warner Brothers has unleashed four new movie posters for the upcoming comedy Fred Claus, where Vince Vaughn plays the ignored younger brother of Santa Claus (played by Paul Giamatti). The first poster was rather creepy and regarded as such across the Internet (actually, I only base that off of my personal opinion and a comment I saw on one other movie site), as it showed Vaughn staring through a peep hole like some kind of serial killer stalker.

The new movie posters are funnier and eye grabbing, with emphasis on the eye grabbing. Each one features a bunch of little elves doing funny things, and since elves don't actually exist, they catch your attention. The posters almost have a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feel to them.

The main movie poster just has Vaughn looking bored as a bunch of little elves jump on his head... slightly amusing, and better than the original, but not remarkable and doesn't necessarily exude the humor of the film.

There are also three teaser posters, one of which has two funny little elves looking up into the air and waving their hands in disapproval. The imagery is best, and the tagline is sort of funny in a cheesy kind of way: "Fred showed us how to be awesome." Another has a single elf yelling out at the audience, but the tagline sucks: "Fred rocks the toy shop." Who the hell cares? A final is the worst and says absolutely nothing about the movie, as it features three elves in black spy gear looking like they are trying out for a rap video, and the tagline says: "Fred better bring his 'A' game."

So, the posters range from good to decent to bad - the marketing department still has its work cut out for it. It seems like they are playing around with a bunch of different things and trying to see what sticks. Some experimentation is fine, but they better get into agreement soon and develop a real strategy.

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