Friday, July 6, 2007

Mr. Zemeckis: Stop using motion-capture technology!

Dear Mr. Robert Zemeckis,

Your motion-capture technology binge has got to stop. It's a novel concept, one that may work at some point if done right, or if used in a horror movie, but as is, it just doesn't work. Take one of your latest pictures, The Polar Express. The concept was interesting and the movie was not horrific by any stretch of the imagination, but the special effects were just creepy. It reminded me of House of Wax, where Vincent Price killed real people and put wax over them. The Polar Express was a kid's movie, and it was just plain scary thanks to your motion-capture techniques.

You have Beowulf coming up soon. A classic. A movie that could be great - if it were done with real actors, and not real actors painted over. There will come a time when this will work, but why destroy a classic with such gimmicks?

And now, I've heard, you've cast Jim Carrey (according to Empire Online) to star in A Christmas Carol, another family film that will end up looking more like a horror movie, especially with Carrey's stretchy face now completely unrestrained by the limits of the real world.

Stop now. Please. Before you hurt someone.

Erik Samdahl

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