Monday, July 9, 2007

The Spiderwick Chronicles Theatrical Trailer

The theatrical movie trailer for The Spiderwick Chronicles is now online, and somehow I'm guessing we'll be seeing it playing at Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix later this week. You can watch The Spiderwick Chronicles teaser trailer here.

I've never read the book (books?) before, but this movie looks really cool. It starts off looking just like Bridge to Terabithia, and then turns into a much more serious affair. There are ogres and all kinds of monsters, and clearly a central villain who looks like something straight out of an R-rated horror movie. Little kids are going to being their pants at the sight of this trailer.

I love how the music fades near the end of the trailer to give us one final shot of Freddie Highmore hiding from something, and then a quick pan to the villain's face. Whoever put this marketing piece together has made a nearly perfect trailer - it starts off innocent, looking like a kid's movie (the Nickelodeon intro at the beginning probably will have adults groaning at first), and then progresses into a dark thrill ride. Perfect!

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Anonymous said...

the books are so great.its about an ogre trying to get the field guide and kill evry human in the univirse.