Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cloverfield movie trailer review

If you've seen Transformers, you may have seen the movie preview for Cloverfield, the new mysterious monster movie from producer J.J. Abrams (no, not directing). The preview starts off looking like a teen drama, as we see a party unfold through a handheld camera held by one of the party's participants. There are plenty of hot girls and good-looking guys.

Then an earthquake, or something. Everyone goes running to the roof of the building just in time to see the center of downtown New York go up in a huge fire ball. Fire starts raining down even where they are, and they go running back down the building and outside. The head of the Statue of Liberty goes rolling by.

Oh, and you hear monster sounds, but no monster is seen. Hell, the title of the movie isn't even shown. Either way, it had me pissing in my pants and as soon as I got home from the movie, I was looking it up. Cloverfield hits theaters in January 2008, and that's about all that is known about this picture.

Of course, plenty of mystery still revolves around the movie. Cloverfield, apparently, is not the final title of the movie. Some have speculated that it will be called The Parasite, while others think it is a new Godzilla movie. Since a lot of the Lost crew is involved, some have even thought that the movie is some kind of companion piece to the hit ABC television show (though I highly doubt that).


kenny d. said...

i've been doin so much research on this every since the trailer was shown a couple days ago. i've heard everything from it bein a godzilla movie, to a voltron movie (.....?) and someone even said that the music thats playin at the party has "field" and "clover" in its lyrics. the website freaks me out even though its just a picture of what appears to be two horrified girls. but actually the picture seems to be one face. for example: imagine a picture of a womans face, now imagine the picture cut down the middle, now take the two sides and switch sides, it'll look like two faces side by side. its really freaky the way its so secretive, even the codename "cloverfield" is creepy. the monster sounds you hear during the explosion is enough to get your heart racing. all i know is im gonna keep doin research until i get some more info

Anonymous said...

Check out

Wanderer said...

Also check out - All the video messages from the site are online there.

Anonymous said...

This could be a contemporary version of The Beast of Averoigne by Clark Ashton Smith. HP Lovecraft spin-off / rip-off. An Alien riding a comet that crashes on earth / earthquake / explosion in the beginning, the spinning roaring sounds / flying black creature with super-powers and red eyes?….perhaps? End of the world Ma! Perhaps?§ion=Octobernomicon