Monday, July 9, 2007

Cloverfield trailer online; Cloverfield pics from the trailer

The Cloverfield teaser trailer (also known as the 1-18-08 teaser trailer or the Untitled J.J. Abrams teaser trailer) is now online - watch the movie trailer now. It's just as cool the second time around as it was in Transformers. Still very little is known, but watching it online you can pick up a little more dialogue, like "I saw it. It's huge!"

Below are some pictures I've grabbed from the Cloverfield teaser trailer:

Cloverfield movie pictureSome hot, skanky girl dances away, thinking she is going to get some action. Oh, she's going to get some action all right, but it may be too big to handle.

Cloverfield movie pictureThis even hotter girl looks vaguely familiar, though she also looks like a younger, hotter version of Teri Hatcher. She speaks to the camera, also wanting a piece.

Cloverfield movie imageHere's the life of the party. Ben is his name, I think. Good looking guy, for a guy. How come in the movies guys like this only have good looking girls as friends, and more friends than I've ever had put together?

Cloverfield movie imageNow it gets good. What appeared to be a normal party suddenly goes awry as the lights go out and the Earth shakes.

Cloverfield movie stillEveryone races to the roof just in time to see the middle of New York go up in a giant fireball. Even from where they are, they aren't safe as hellfire rains down upon them.

Cloverfield movie stillThis good looking girl says, "Bring it on!" only not really. Hopefully she clears out fast enough to avoid the rolling head of death, a.k.a. the Statue of Liberty.

Cloverfield movie photoThose who don't like the French will be happy to see that the Statue gets decapitated and used as a device of destruction, mayhem and murder.


Try said...

It's Godzilla. It's been LEAKED!

Norman said...

I'm pretty sure it's not godzilla. Check out my theory: