Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Abbie Cornish to get laid by James Bond

Is Abbie Cornish the next Bond girl? Is Rose Byrne no longer in the running? Who is Abbie Cornish? Will Bond be goofier than its predecessor? So many questions, so little time.

The next James Bond movie, which returns Daniel Craig to the role of the rugged yet suave secret service agent, will apparently star Cornish according to Aussie friend Rose Byrne. Byrne, a rising star in the U.S. who has had big roles in such films as Sunshine, 28 Weeks Later and the newly premiered TV show Damages, had been rumored for the role for a while, but suggested that not she but another rumored Aussie had been cast instead. The speculation does have some wait, but confirmation from another actress is not enough to get me thinking too much about it (though I'll gladly think about both Cornish and Byrne whenever I want) - maybe she just wants the reports off her back.

Cornish is perhaps best known for her co-starring role in Russell Crowe's A Good Year, where she played the hot cousin or sister or what not. Apparently she is quite popular in Australia, but has yet to get her big break in the U.S. - James Bond would definitely do it.

That being said, the producers better not follow through with Craig's suggestion that they were leaning toward a goofier Bond the next time around, much like Roger Moore's films. If they do that, they will destroy everything the last film worked to create, a gritty re-imagining of our popular hero. Casino Royale was excellent - why mess with the formula?