Friday, July 20, 2007

A man farted on me yesterday

This has nothing to do with movies, entertainment, television, sports or politics. It is just a disturbing but rather funny little story that happened to me at work on Thursday.

So I go to the bathroom, number one or number two it doesn't matter, and then proceed to wash my hands. As I thoroughly scrubbed my hands clean of germs like any good boy would do, an old guy in scrubs walks in and goes to the urinal. Of course, the paper towels are directly behind the urinal, so when you're drying your hands you'll be standing right behind a dude taking a piss. Unfortunately for me, the man starts ripping farts non-stop as soon as I start drying my hands.

Now, I've never been one for farting in public bathrooms whenever I can help it, especially when I'm not hidden behind a stall. I sure as hell don't fart when someone is standing right next to my ass, like I was to this old guy. Oblivious? Doesn't care? Intentional? I don't know, but I could barely get out of the bathroom without cracking up.

And that's the highlight of my week.

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