Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Disney bans smoking in its movies

The Hollywood Reporter has said that The Walt Disney Co. will ban smoking from all future family films, and will place anti-smoking ads on its DVDs.

Universal Studios also adopted a similar policy in April, banning smoking from youth-related films that Universal or related studios produce. Other studios will no doubt follow suit, as between these two companies and the MPAA's scrutiny on the smoking issue, it would be bad PR not to follow suit. It sounds like politicians will be using Disney as an example to force other studios to do the same:

"Disney's decision to take a stand against smoking is groundbreaking, and I commend CEO Bob Iger for this important commitment," Rep. Markey, D-Mass. said. "Now it's time for other media companies to similarly kick the habit and follow Disney's lead."

Even in this day and age, about 90% of smokers begin smoking before age 21. American Legacy, a nonprofit created out of landmark litigation between the tobacco industry and states attorneys general, claims that 90% of all films depict smoking, and children with the highest exposure to smoking in movies were nearly three times more likely to start smoking. It contends that tobacco is featured in three quarters of G-, PG- and PG-13-rated movies and 90% of R-rated movies.

While these movies are most necessary, my question is this: how are kids so stupid? How do people get lured into smoking these days? Unlike when I was growing up, smoking is no longer cool. It doesn't look cool, it doesn't smell cool, and everyone knows it kills. How is the tobacco industry continuing to market effectively to these kids?

Oh, yeah. Movies.

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dory benami said...

Dude, I agree with you full on.

Film should be a reflection of society and not a reaction to it.