Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Leonard Nimoy as Spock in new Star Trek movie? Really?

Well, even though the new Star Trek movie from director J.J. Abrams is a prequel and will not star William Shatner, the ex-Captain Kirk has confirmed that Leonard Nimoy is going to play Spock.

Personally, I highly doubt this is real, but worth noting anyway. I really doubt that they would make a prequel that stars one of the original cast members, and it is unlikely that Nimoy would actually take the role. Then again, money is money, and this new Star Trek movie perhaps has more buzz floating around it then most (thanks mainly to J.J. Abrams, who seems to be at the center of all kinds of buzz these days - see Cloverfield), and what better way to resurrect a struggling series than to get one of the most popular cast members back on?

Still, if Nimoy, now really quite old, ends up in the new Star Trek movie, I will be mightily surprised.

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