Friday, July 6, 2007

Lust, Caution movie trailer review

The movie trailer for the new Ang Lee movie Lust, Caution is now online (view the Lust, Caution movie trailer here), and here's what we think...

Looks damn good! Reminiscent of In the Mood for Love in both the setup of the trailer and the unnerving calmness of the time period (and that it stars Tony Leung, who was/is the main character in both films), Lust, Caution is less a romantic film as it is a thriller where a beautiful young woman seduces a man to fall in love with her, but her intentions are to not do anything pleasant to him in return. Eventually, I'm sure, it will turn into a character study as the woman begins questioning her motives, but, then again, she could end up just killing the guy.

Either way, the trailer for Lust, Caution is pretty good. The music is great, and the simple storytelling method the marketing department used (or whatever department makes movie trailers) captures the attention and tells the story without requiring much dialogue at all (I'm assuming the film will be in Chinese, since no one talks?).

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Anonymous said...

This movie looks great! Would love to see it.