Friday, July 20, 2007

Wolverine has a director

Wow. Interesting pick for a director, but a good one... Wolverine, the highly anticipated spin-off of the X-Men franchise, now has a director, and it's the man behind the critically acclaimed (and very good) foreign language nominee (winner? I can't remember) Tsotsi, Gavin Hood.

Hugh Jackman will return to the role that made him a star, the mutant Logan/Wolverine, in a script written by David Benioff. The story will mix and match classic Wolverine folklore to give a fresh, original take on Logan's origin story. We'll finally get to see how he became endowed with those sharp adamantium claws.

Jackman stated, "I have long been a fan of Gavin's work and know he will make a masterful film with the character intensity and action beats the fans expect." The project will begin shooting in November for a 2008 release date.

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