Sunday, July 8, 2007

Transformers: Nice box office strategy

Are NSA analysts really this hot?Transformers, after starting off the week great, delivered a 1-2 punch over the weekend, raking in an additional $67 million in the United States and skyrocketing its first week take to $152 million, according to box office estimates.

Even though other films have made more money quicker - namely Spider-Man 3 - the studio can now market Transformers as making $150 million in its first week of release, a claim few movies can do. The Monday night launch of the franchise (just because it's one film doesn't make it a franchise) was an odd one, but with July 4th on a Wednesday, it was a great strategy. You get the fan boy blitz on Monday night, another fan boy surge on Tuesday, and then a holiday the following day where you get a mix of those fans who didn't quite make it to the theater in time, and regular moviegoers looking for some action. After that, you're left with Thursday and Friday, days that many people across the country took off to form a five-day weekend.

Basically, Transformers played it risky and won big by capitalizing on mid-week days that played out more like weekends.

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