Monday, April 23, 2007

The worst season finale ever - The Apprentice?

I hate to say it - I'm a big fan of The Apprentice. Despite the fact that it's there mainly to promote products and boost Donald Trump's ego, The Apprentice is a fun challenge of wits that offers some good entertainment value and cutthroat business action. You may have to have an interest in business to like the show, but that's okay.

This season was about as good as any others, except there was no single player that I really was rooting for. In fact, none of them really stood out to me. But that's not what this rant is all about. This rant is about the fact The Apprentice: LA, perhaps due to suffering ratings, decided not to have a season finale. Yes, they did have one, but it sure as Hell didn't feel like one.

The horror began last weekend when, after what appeared to be a relatively easy and miniscule task, the Donald announced to his four remaining candidates that all four were going to the season finale, where three would be fired in front of a live audience. What the f**k? I was revved up for a kick ass final competition, where the remaining candidates would compete with some huge project, like the coordination of a giant event show or something along those lines. Instead, they're asked to make a 60-second movie? How does that relate to the real estate business again?

If the Donald had wanted to end things big (and when does he not want things big?), he would have four such events going on at the same time, with the four final candidates all sparring individually. Instead, he decided to leave out any big event altogether and end with this piece of crap. And so, last night, we are left with an hour of Trump annoyingly telling every candidate that "he thinks they're great" (is he really sincere?), the candidates sucking up to him, and a bunch of pointless little questions that hardly are menacing.

I still like The Apprentice, but the producers should be aware that the ending to the Los Angeles season sucked butt!

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