Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dreamgirls Movie Review

Dreamgirls hits DVD on May 1st, and I managed to get my hands on an advanced copy. Dreamgirls was the one movie I wanted to see in theaters during award season, but never got a chance to, and so now, long after I have unleashed my Top Ten Movies of 2006 List, I have seen the final film that could have really made a dent.

But there's a reason why I never got around to watching Dreamgirls in theaters. It just didn't look that interesting. Dreamgirls looked like a blatant attempt to take advantage of recent films about famous musicians that have found success, either critically, financially or both (Ray and Walk the Line come to mind). And you know what? I was right. Dreamgirls, while not a bad movie by any means, is a film made solely to win the Golden Globes. I'm not surprised it won, as the Music and Comedy section is always partial to movies like this. I'm also not surprised it failed to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars because, frankly, it isn't nearly good enough.

With good acting all around, especially from newcomer Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls had a chance, but its lack of character development and too much glamour keep it from becoming anything monumental. Read my full Dreamgirls movie review.

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