Saturday, April 7, 2007

Turistas Movies Review

This came a couple days later than I was expecting, but I've finally reviewed Turistas, the horror-suspense movie that came out in December 2006 and that is now out on DVD. The movie stars a bunch of good looking men and women as they get slaughtered one-by-one to serve the body organ black market.

The movie looks pretty good and is well directed, except for the fact that John Stockwell forget to make Turistas entertaining. The movie is boring, at least compared to other similar films such as Hostel and Saw - and I didn't like either of those films. Still, at least Hostel and Saw featured some good death scenes, where as Stockwell stays away from anything too memorable.

Ultimately, Turistas has potential, but Stockwell tried to make too much of a screenplay with too little, and the result is a shock suspense film without the shock.

Read my full Turistas movie review.

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