Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday Box Office Analysis - Disturbia Conquers

According to the Friday Box Office Analysis from BoxOfficeProphets, Disturbia took in much more than anticipated with $8.7 million on Friday, which should lead to around $24 million over the weekend, easily putting it in the top spot. Halle Berry and Bruce Willis star power will only drive Perfect Stranger to around $11 million, while films like Pathfinder and Redline thankfully flopped, Aqua Teen Hungerforce will be lucky to make the Top Ten, and other new releases/expansions such as The Hoax and Slow Burn decided to not show up to the fight in the first place.

Here are the estimates for the April 13th - April 15th, 2007 weekend, based on Friday numbers only:

1. Disturbia ($24.3 million)
2. Blades of Glory ($15.1 million)
3. Perfect Stranger ($11.4 million)
4. Meet the Robinsons ($11.1 million
5. Are We Done Yet? ($7.8 million)
6. Wild Hogs ($4.7 million)
7. The Reaping ($4.5 million)
8. Pathfinder ($4.3 million)
9. Redline ($4.0 million)
10. Aqua Teen Hunger Force ($3.5 million)

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