Monday, April 9, 2007

Movie trailer review: Halloween

Has anyone seen the new Halloween teaser trailer? I'm sure you have, and now I have, too (actually, I saw it last week, but everyone is announcing it again on Monday as if it is big news). Anyway, here's my take on the new Halloween: it has hope.

I have to admit that this is a series that has run its course more times than a whore turns tricks in a day, and Rob Zombie is still a big question mark. Sure, he can make some f**ked up shit (why I bleep out the f-word and not the s-word I don't know), but can he make an effective movie that isn't completely full of worthless beings? Halloween has to have a little more class to it, but I think Zombie could bring an edge to the flick that the franchise has been lacking for quite some time.

The Halloween teaser trailer itself is pretty good in setting the mood, though I think the setup could have been a little better. They could have waited a bit longer to show us Michael in his adult self, as this could have made for a cool "Ohhhhhh!!!!!" moment near the end if done right. Still, there are plenty of creepy moments, and the shot at the end of the girl running naked outside and then getting pulled back in a split second later screams of vintage slasher films, which is great.

All in all, this teaser trailer has me interested enough to go see Halloween, but I think it will still take some decent marketing dollars to pull in audiences that have long since abandoned the franchise.

Watch the Halloween teaser trailer.

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