Sunday, April 1, 2007

Shooter Movie Review

I'm a week late, but I've posted a review for the action movie Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg, over at

Shooter is about an ex-military sniper who is pulled out of retirement to help the government plan a Presidential assassination - to catch a real assassin who is plotting to kill the President of the United States. Unfortunately for him, he is actually a fall guy, and is quickly blamed for the assassination after it takes place. He goes on the run, but eventually decided to turn the tables and go after those responsible.

Shooter isn't perfect - the plot isn't tied together well at the end, some of the dialogue sucks, etc. - but it still a relatively smart and exciting action movie that has plenty of shooting, explosions, car chases and so on and so forth. Wahlberg is fun in the lead and Mara looks beautiful as always (especially while holding a rifle!).

This has been a terrific March. I'm used to seeing very few good movies before November of each year, but three months in we have already seen several good to great releases. From Zodiac to 300 to Breach and now Shooter, I have been quite satisfied with the results so far. All one-word titles, too. Interesting...

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