Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Movie trailer review: Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4)

The full movie trailer for Live Free or Die Hard (also known as the long-awaited Die Hard 4) is now online (watch the movie trailer here), and while the trailer isn't the greatest, it isn't too shabby either. The movie trailer is basically a jumbled mess of action scenes, but the action looks so cool and intense it really doesn't matter. Not much more of the plot is revealed, other than that it appears like the crazy dude from The Girl Next Door is some kind of military fanatic who wants to help the country by hurting it. When he kidnaps John McClane's hot daughter (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), though, he is about to meet his match.

The movie trailer works in some ways and fails in others. It certainly establishes that there is lots of action, but at the same time the presentation feels very disjointed. It doesn't build the hype factor in the way I was hoping. After all, there hasn't been in a Die Hard movie in ten years, yet other than the mention of McClane's name once, there isn't much of a spectacle about the fact that this is a sequel. Maybe this is intentional, but I don't think the fact that this film is a sequel will hurt it much, if at all.

For a second movie trailer I would like to see something that flows a bit more, that has a bit more setup before jumping into the action. Perhaps start off with a sequence of McClane's daughter getting kidnapped, and then kick into high gear from there.

Read more about Live Free or Die Hard, or watch the Die Hard 4 movie trailer (same link!)

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