Saturday, April 7, 2007

Friday Box Office Analysis - Grindhouse doesn't grind

Grindhouse defied box office analysts this weekend and will earn a less than expected $13.0 million for the weekend, according to Friday box office numbers. It's a real shame, because Grindhouse looks amazing and looks to be more "original" than most stuff padding the top of the box office right now. Blades of Glory continues to shine, while Meet the Robinsons also performs strongly. Unfortunately, Are We Done Yet?, the lame sequel to Are We There Yet? (that was the title of that Ice Cube stinker, right>), made more than Grindhouse.

While box office analysts were not overly surprised, I was little started to see The Reaping way down in #5. Perhaps the shine has completely come off horror movies, but The Reaping, starring critical darling Hilary Swank, looked to at least be entertaining. Marketing was strong and all over the place - I expected this one to be a top contender.

The only good news of the weekend is that Firehouse Dog, the lame PG-rated dog movie, will make less than $5 million.

Estimates, based on Friday box office numbers from, are (in millions):

1. Blades of Glory ($26.1)
2. Meet the Robinsons ($22.8)
3. Are We Done Yet? ($16.4)
4. Grindhouse ($13.0
5. The Reaping ($10.1)
6. 300 ($9.2)
7. Wild Hogs ($7.2)
8. TMNT ($6.6)
9. Shooter ($6.1)
10. Firehouse Dog ($4.5)

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