Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Felix Hernandez... Almost a no-hitter

After getting their asses kicked by the Boston Red Sox yesterday (am I the only one, but do you despise the Red Sox as much as I do now that they've won a World Series? The pity trip is over, and unless they're playing the Yankees, I do not want to see them win), the Seattle Mariners and Felix Hernandez decided to show the Sox hitting what true pitching really is...

Felix Hernandez pitched a no-hitter into the eighth inning, when finally his streak was snapped. Personally, I would trade Hernandez for blowing it like that. I mean, how can you have only a few more outs to go and blow it like that? This guy really doesn't have winning spirit.

Anyway, Felix thus far has pitched seventeen scoreless innings and has proven that he can be the ace of the Mariners. Too bad that the rest of the Mariners' pitching staff ranges from off-and-on (Washburn) to downright awful (everyone else), and our hitters aren't exactly blazing up a storm.

Still, props to Felix - at least we'll win one fifth of our games this year.

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