Monday, April 2, 2007

George W. Bush Assassinated: Death of a President Movie Review

Death of a President opened last year to mixed reviews and plenty of controversy. Is it appropriate to do a movie about the assassination of a real U.S. President who hasn't been assassinated, and who is still in office? Apparently yes, because the movie was filmed, marketed, released and now on DVD.

Death of a President takes a look at the events leading up to the murder of President George W. Bush and the events that follow, including war, conspiracy, paranoia and fear. It all plays out in documentary style, and is very believable - I'm sure one or two people who are really out of the loop could, and did, fall for it (of course those same stupid people would never be watching a political film of this nature anyway).

For anyone interested in politics, Death of a President is a vivid and surprisingly powerful documentary - little matter that the events didn't actually take place. Here's my full Death of a President movie review.

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