Monday, April 23, 2007

Smokin' Aces Movie Review

I just watched Smokin' Aces on DVD - I thought it came out this week, not last week, hence the delay - and it was quite a wild ride. Director Joe Carnahan does a pretty good job of turning a very simple story (a bunch of people trying to kill or protect the same guy) into a psychotic onslaught of violence while avoiding the pitfalls this film could have easily attained by going overboard.

Surprisingly, the movie isn't quite as action-packed as I was expecting, but still has a fair amount of violence and mayhem. Over all, this is a movie that is great for a guy's night, as there is everything from nudity to bloodshed to some of the weirdest characters to have graced the silver screen in quite a while.

You can read my full Smokin' Aces movie review here.

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