Monday, March 12, 2007

Naomi Watts stars in a movie with a really long title

Naomi Watts will star in the romantic comedy, Kicked, Bitten and Scratched: Life and Lessons at the World's Premiere School for Exotic Animal Trainers. I hate movies with long titles... they always mess up the look of my website.

The film is the adaptation of Amy Sutherland's novel; Todd Louiso and Jacob Koskoff are writing the screenplay. Variety says the book focuses on the year she spent with students at the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College, where students learn how to communicate with animals such as camels, emus, baboons, cougars, wolves and snakes. Alumni hold posts at the world's top zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries or become trainers who work in television and film.

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