Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is Sea World just an overpriced aquarium?

The lack of posts recently have been for one specific reason: I've been away from the computer, away from Internet in remote San Diego. The Sheraton to be exact. Having just visited Sea World for the first time today, I have to remark that while I had a lot of fun, I do not see how they can charge $60 for admittance for what is essentially a glorified zoo/aquarium.

What do others think?

Yes, there are some entertaining shows where dolphins jump and Shamu splashes (the Shamu show was especially cheesy and underwhelming), but essentially they just took an aquarium, spread it out over a big piece of land, stuck a bunch of shops and stuff like that in between, and called it a theme park. What gives?

I didn't see any creatures that I can't see in most aquariums, and while the whale and dolphin shows were cool, they certainly were not worth an extra $40.00. Luckily, I didn't pay to get in. And what is with that Haunted Lighthouse 3D movie? How cheesy, un-scary and un-exciting was that, even as a kid's show?

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