Thursday, March 29, 2007

Movie trailer review: Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty. The sequel to Bruce Almighty. Jim Carrey is no longer around, but the movie stars Steve Carell, who is just as funny, if not more so. So why the hell does Evan Almighty look so bad?

Almost guaranteed to be a casualty of "sequelitis", Evan Almighty is an unnecessary sequel to what was a good, one-off film. This time around, Morgan Freeman, once again playing God, tries to teach a man a lesson... but instead of giving him powers, he gives him an uncontrollable beard and forces him to build an ark. The entire concept that made the first movie so funny is missing here, and this one just looks like a lame attempt to draw in the Christian crowd without even trying to evoke a laugh.

How I can watch a whole movie trailer for a movie that stars Steve Carell and not laugh once is beyond me, but the marketing team for Evan Almighty certainly pulled it off. Of course, they're not to blame, as this movie looks like a disaster...

Watch the Evan Almighty movie trailer here.

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