Monday, March 19, 2007

The Gravedancers Movie Review

The Gravedancers is one of the 8 films to die for, according to 2006's After Dark Horrorfest. In reality, none of the Horrorfest films I've seen so far have been overly riveting or "too graphic for movie theaters" (perhaps this is why they were shown in theaters), but compared to some of the crap that comes out every year in the horror genre, the "festival" offers up some okay entertainment.

The Gravedancers is about the main character from Prison Break going out with his friends and dancing on a couple grave sights (who does that?), and they end up waking up the spirits. These spirits happen to belong to three very mean ex-humans who would like nothing more than to tear their living victims to pieces.

The movie is okay. There's some good gore, and a few creepy moments, but all in all it feels like a less-original version of Evil Dead. There's not much of a plot, and the ghosts look kind of cheesy - yet at the same time, that's their appeal, and they are almost creepier because of it. Read more of my Gravedancers movie review.

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