Thursday, March 8, 2007

Indiana Jones has a son!

Shia LaBeouf (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints) is set to star in Indiana Jones 4 for LucasFilm and Paramount Pictures.

Steven Spielberg is directing the fourth installment of the adventure series; Variety reports Shia will play the son of Indy, to be played once again by Harrison Ford. The producers are keeping the storyline under tight wraps; David Koepp wrote the screenplay.

Indiana Jones 4 is scheduled to start shooting in June for a release of May 22, 2008. Is this actually happening?

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Anonymous said...

I hope it's actually happening, I love the Indiana Jones Trilogy, and I would love it more if it was a Quadrology, or whatever.

But, I'm also afraid it will bring down my respect level for the Indiana Jones Movies as a whole. If it sucks, ofcourse