Sunday, March 18, 2007

Movie Trailer review: Firehouse Dog

Firehouse Dog is the latest classic to come from 20th Century Fox. I may be a bit out of the demographic on this one, but Firehouse Dog looks like a real stinker of epic proportions. The movie is about a Hollywood celebrity dog who is dropped out of an airplane (at night?) for some kind of promotion, but his parachute fails to open. Somehow he manages to fall into a tomato truck and survive (yes, let's teach kids that you can jump from high places as long as you land in something soft and squishy) and ends up getting befriended by a silly kid and his father, a firefighter. This trickster dog becomes a firefighting hero, blah blah blah.
The movie just looks stupid, and is a retreading of a hundred movies just like it. To make matters worse, the dog is as scruffy and un-cute as a dog can be, and the trailer is laced with all kinds of sentimental music that just makes things all the cheesier.
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Transmaster said...

Oh Thank you for you "good" review.
the 4 Rex's used in Firehouse Dog are Irish Terriers (IT). We in the Irish Terrier world hope this movie bombs big time. We don't need people thinking these dogs are like Rex. The only real piece of IT behavior in the trailers is the scene where Rex gets up on the counter to steals the beef Jerky.