Saturday, March 10, 2007

Movie trailer review: Vacancy

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale star in Vacancy, a thriller about a good-looking couple (isn't that self explanatory when Beckinsale is involved?) who end up staying at the wrong hotel. Props go to the marketing team behind the Vacancy movie trailer, as I am definitely licking my lips in anticipation of this one. The plot is simple, and the trailer sets things up as such, and then it hits you with a rather horrifying realization that this couple is being watched on cameras in their hotel room.
A combination of the visuals and music make the trailer quite exciting, though it does go a little too far when showing plot developments. The phone booth scene at the end shows a little too much, unfortunately, but still, most of the movie is still kept under wraps.
I am definitely looking forward to Vacancy, which hits theaters April 20th.
Watch the Vacancy movie trailer.

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