Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Are they naked? An Unrest movie review...

I watched Unrest the other night, one of the countless horror movies I have watched within the last week. I'm getting pretty sick of the genre for the time being, especially since none of the After Dark Horrorfest films are especially intriguing. I even got tricked into watching Blood Trails, which was God-awful (movie review to come later)... by "tricked" I mean that it was in the same stack as my Horrorfest films, and so I assumed it was a part of the set - but oh God no it wasn't.

Anyway, Unrest is about a really hot chick who is a medical student who is taking a cadaver class. Unfortunately for her, her cadaver's spirit is very much "alive" and out to kill a bunch of people. The movie has its moments, including a scene where Ms. Corri English (pictured here) takes a dive into a formaldehyde bath full of cadavers, but overall the movie is sort of slow, dull and ultimately pointless, even though it's only 88 minutes long. Unrest is by no means a complete waste, but could have been a lot better. Read my full Unrest movie review.

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