Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday Box Office Analysis - 300 plunges, but still takes #1

To no great surprise, 300 drops 60% from last weekend as the fanboy rush is off, and, to no great surprise, 300 once again still wins the weekend. Wild Hogs continues to perform strongly despite all odds, and Premonition, which looked okay but wasn't expected to do much at all, earned enough to where it could end up being Sandra Bullock's best weekend opening ever (how the heck does that happen?). Thankfully, audiences told director James Wan that his first film, Saw, was a fluke success, and that no one really thinks he's all that good, as his new horror film Dead Silence didn't repeat Saw's success. I Think I Love My Wife, a Chris Rock movie I actually wanted to see despite so-so reviews, crashed and burned with only $1.8 million on Friday.

And people, go and see Zodiac! It is amazing! It deserves better treatment than the box office take it is currently receiving!

1. 300 ($30.5 million)
2. Wild Hogs ($19.2 million)
3. Premonition ($18.2 million)
4. Dead Silence ($7.5 million)
5. Bridge to Terabithia ($5.6 million)
6. I Think I Love My Wife ($5.0 million)
7. Ghost Rider ($4.2 million)
8. Zodiac ($3.1 million)
9. Norbit ($2.8 million)
10. Music & Lyrics ($2.1 million)

*Weekend estimates based on Friday box office numbers, from Box Office Prophets

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