Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Movie trailer review: Martian Child

Martin Child is John Cusack's latest attempt at doing something other than comedy. He certainly seems to try every couple of years to break out of his mold, but it doesn't look like Martian Child is going to be that film. While not looking like a complete disaster, the quasi-weird premise that also seems to retread other movies done before will probably not lure in mass audiences come its release.

The Martian Child movie trailer is online now, and looks to be a blend between a father-son drama, a normal John Cusack comedy where he makes random sarcastic remarks and perhaps some kind of sci-fi film in disguise? There is no direct indication that the kid is an alien, but some of the visuals tend to imply that the film could go down that path. Will that turn away some of the female targets who are inevitably going to be drawn to this film? Perhaps.

All in all, this could make a good rental, but I'll need to see a more compelling reason to see Martian Child in theaters.

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carol said...

Hi! I have not seen Martins Child yet,but I will get it when it comes out next week at the store.I do not need to see it to know it is a good movie.John Cusack is a very talented actor who puts his heart and soul in the movies he makes. I wish him much success in all he does.