Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Comebacks movie looks God-awful

Has anyone seen the movie trailer for The Comebacks? If not, you can watch the movie trailer here. Then again, stop that mouse click right now and save yourself some brain cells, as The Comebacks, a cheesy spoof of sports movies, looks like it has studied every bad spoof in recent years (Epic Movie and Date Movie come to mind).

David Koechner stars as the coach, and this guy seems to be in just about every bad movie there is. The guy isn't funny, and I can hardly stand to listen to him most of the time. From the commercials for Comedy Central's "The Naked Trucker" to roles in Reno 911: The Movie, Let's Go to Prison and Balls of Fury, this guy is trying to scrape a career together without any talent or sense of a good film.

And again, the movie previews are just full of some of the dumbest jokes ever shown to man. Even the previews for Epic Movie and Date Movie had some "funny" moments (even though you knew they were going to suck), but The Comebacks can't even manage that.

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