Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Judge still wants $54 million for his dry cleaner problems

Judge Roy Pearson is an idiot. A sick, deluted, trigger-happy, exploitative idiot. And a jerk.

The infamous judge, now known around the world as a symbol of America's lawsuit-crazy society, sued a dry cleaner's that lost his pants for $54 million, claiming that their "Satisfaction guaranteed" sign was misleading and not fulfilled. How someone can sue for $54 million over a pair of missing trousers is beyond me, but included in the costs were ten years worth of rental cars that he used to visit another dry cleaners. What an idiot.

Now, after a judge ruled that he took the "Satisfaction guaranteed" sign too literally and ordered Pearson to pay the dry cleaner's legal fees, he is appealing the ruling and continuing to seek payment. What. A. Fucking. Idiot. How can a man so deeply involved in the legal system seek to waste the courts' time with a stupid case like this, destroy the lives of a couple of business owners and ruin his own reputation. Rumors have it that he may lose his job at the end of the year because of this very issue.

I don't get it. What can he appeal? How can he appeal? I hope the judge throws out the case immediately, for everyone's sake, including Pearson's.


Anonymous said...

I agree absolutely, but then again I can't see how his lawsuit wasn't thrown out in the first place. But then again, these are lawyers we are talking about.

Louis said...

Obviously he hopes to get a movie deal out of his story. :P