Sunday, August 5, 2007

Latest Cloverfield clues

These may not be "new" and they may not even be true, but I wanted to cover a couple of the theories that have been tossed around lately. As I'm not in the rumor business, I am too lazy to track down how substantiated these things are, but...

On Cloverfield being Godzilla...
Everything I hear continues to suggest that Godzilla is not the monster in the movie. After all, the company that owns Godzilla is not the company making Cloverfield. Legally, that's a problem. Also, rumors continue to circulate around other monsters, and not necessarily just one. Producer J.J. Abrams has also apparently confirmed that the movie is not a remake.

On Cloverfield having more than one monster...
It sounds like this could be a possibility. Some have rumored that Cloverfield will be about three biblical monsters, Behemoth on land, Leviathan in the sea, and Ziz in the air. Could it be based on the old arcade game Rampage? Unlikely, but you never know.

On Cloverfield being about Cthulhu, from the mind of H. P. Lovecraft
While I've never read his book(s), apparently everything that has been suggested bears no resemblance to Lovecraft's monster.

There's a lot more, but I got bored of writing this post. If you have any other Cloverfield rumors or smack downs, post them here!