Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Am Legend 2???

I Am Legend, the Will Smith-starring sci-fi thriller, could be getting a sequel... and the first one hasn't even come out yet.

Apparently, original screenwriter Mark Protosevich, who originally wrote the adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1954 horror/sci-fi novel ten years ago, has pitched a sequel to Warner Bros., according to The Los Angeles Time. Protosevich originally wrote the screenplay for Ridley Scott and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and was hired over the years to tweak the script for other directors.

However, Akiva Goldsmith was brought on in 2005 and re-tooled the film and moved its setting from Los Angeles to New York. Director Francis Lawrence's version is now coming to theaters in December.

I guess this means that Will Smith survives the first movie. I don't know what a sequel would entail, but the upcoming movie I Am Legend definitely looks cool. The movie trailer kicks butt, and Will Smith hardly fails in films like this.


Anonymous said...

Oh great. Looks like another poor adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic 1954 novel. Can't Hollywood get it right? You would think they'd learn after previous pitiful adaptations, The Omega Man (1971) and The Last Man On Earth (1964).

Anonymous said...

I don't know why so many people are saying this is going to be another "poor adaptation" by Hollywood. This looks like one of the best movies to come out in a long time. I read 2 scripts Mark Protersevich (or however the hell you spell it) wrote and they both look great. Akiva Goldsman wrote great scripts for I, Robot and Constantine. And if there is anyone out there who can name one actor that could play Neville better than Will Smith, please tell me who it is....anybody...please ;)