Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum makes $70 million at the box office

Defying box office expectations, even after Friday's box office take, The Bourne Ultimatum earned $70.2 over the weekend, based on box office estimates.

The well-reviewed movie stars Matt Damon and returns Paul Greengrass to the director's seat, and the results are impressive. You can see the movie review farther down on this blog, or at

And so what's the big deal about $70.2 million? Well, it beats out Rush Hour 2 to become the biggest August opening ever. It continues to mark Jason Bourne as one of the most lucrative franchises out there. It's Matt Damon's second $100-million earner of the summer (after Ocean's 13). And the opening is much larger than James Bonds' Casino Royale's opening last year.

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Rama's SCREEN said...

I'm glad Bourne did really well,
it deserves it,
I really enjoy Bourne Ultimatum
it was a very well made thriller.