Thursday, August 2, 2007

New The Kingdom Trailer (and a review)

No, not a review of The Kingdom! A review of The Kingdom trailer. And not the first trailer, but the third. Remember way back when, when The Kingdom was set to open in the spring? That first trailer was absolutely awesome, the perfect balance of action and drama albeit with a cheesy sentimental bit at the beginning (with the little kid telling father Jamie Foxx that he's one of the good guys - everything's relative, people!).

The second trailer was so-so, and now the third is a definite step up - but still not nearly as good as the first one. This one for some reason shies away from showing much of the event that triggers the whole movie, and instead focuses more on the action. It feels a bit more chaotic, which is fine, but it lacks the dramatic tension that the first one captured so well.

Yet, once again, it shows Jennifer Garner flitching at the sight of people getting blown up - she's a terrorism expert, and she's flinching at a video? Is it because she's a girl? I bet Jamie Foxx doesn't flinch.

All in all, I'm excited about The Kingdom, but the release date push and the evolving trailers have me questioning whether the studio received a drama and then asked for some edits to make it more action-oriented. Uh-oh!

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