Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Simpsons drops 73% from last weekend

All you Simpsons lovers out there might be disappointed to learn that The Simpsons Movie, which opened to an extraordinary $72 million last weekend, proved to be completely front-loaded as it appears as all the fans who turned out last week decided to move on to better things this week.

The Simpsons Movie took in only $7.9 million on Friday, based on figures from Box Office Prophets, which means that the film will end up with around $25 million over the weekend.

To $7.9 million from $30 million the week before, that's almost 73% of business washed away. Execs at Fox should still be happy with the overall performance of the movie, but I'm sure they were hoping for slightly better legs for this picture.

Yes, Homer, drink another bottle.

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Rama's SCREEN said...

I think maybe because most people think that the Simpsons movie is only worth watching on DVD.
besides, for an 80 minute movie, some people think it's not worth the ridiculous price of movie ticket these days.

I personally liked it, and I thought the jokes in the Simpsons movie were brilliant.

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