Monday, October 29, 2007

The X-Files 2 Begins in December

Yes, you've waited a long time, but it is finally coming. According to, a site I frequent quite... er, frequently... The X-Files cast and crew will wipe the dust off the cameras starting December 10th. It's been ten years since the last movie, and many people assumed that David Duchovny was full of crap as he kept suggesting The X-Files 2 would eventually come.

Both Duchovny and Anderson are expected to return (they wouldn't make a movie without both of them, would they?). Yes, I know that the show continued even after Duchovny left, but I think they learned their lesson, right? Series creator Chris Carter is directed a screenplay written by himself and Frank Spotnitz.

The movie has a shooting name of Done One. All I can say is that I'm really, really, really excited, and this gave me an excuse to put a picture of Gillian Anderson on my blog.

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