Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hostel 2 is better than Hostel?

I hated Hostel with a passion. It's not that I didn't like the nude women or some of the gore, it's just that the whole movie was so ludicrous and stupid that I couldn't fully appreciate the "beauty" of the film. Some critics liked Hostel because it was a "smart satire of American culture" or what not, but I thought that was a load of B.S. Hostel was a cheesy horror movie trying to capitalize on the trend known as torture porn. Nothing more.

And in reality, the gore was a bit goofy at times (the eyeball hanging out of the girl's head looked extremely fake) and, more importantly, the plot was so bad it made most horror movies look like they had Award-winning stories.

So, Hostel: Part II (Hostel 2) is now out on DVD, and having watched it, I must say it's a lot better. That's not saying it's all that good, or that it's reason to make a third one, but the movie is a lot more coherent, features better, more believable characters and its gore is a lot more realistic. There are some pretty lame parts (the opening sequence and the final minute of the movie), but there are a few torture scenes that are quite elaborate and somewhat clever.

All in all, it wasn't too much of a struggle to watch Hostel 2, and that's saying a lot. You can read my full Hostel 2 movie review here.


Masa said...

Tough to beat Hostel 1 for disgusting inspiration. Enjoying the blogs man- still got to get out and see the descent- hear it's ridic.
This is not related, but I'm a PA in NYC and just worked on the set of this commercial:
Too bad it's not going to be on anything but bloomberg and CNBC, quite cinematic. Later,


Anonymous said...

First of all - it is not situated in Slovakia but in a small town called Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. Secondly, why there are no subtitles for people who cannot understand czech/slovak??(you can hear quite a bit of slovak language)
I was pleased to see 'home' and hear the language I am familiar with but that was the only thing I appreciated about this movie..I was expecting more from Mr Tarantino..and as for the scenes and the 'jump factor' I think that the first one was definitely better