Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Movie Review: Captivity (2007)

I just watched 30 Days to Night, which has a pretty bad ending, but it does not even compare to the God-awful ending that Captivity, starring hottie Elisha Cuthbert, offers. I mean, talk about out of left field, the bleachers, the street and the warehouse across the street out there.

Captivity is essentially a Saw rip-off (and I thought Saw sucked), only with less amounts of gore and less excitement. At the same time, it does offer one of the grossest scenes I've ever seen, which involves sticking a funnel down Elisha's throat and forcing her to swallow a blended concoction of noses, ears, guts and blood. Lovely.

Read my full Captivity movie review. The horror picture lands on DVD next week, and offers a making-of featurette, an on-the-set featurette and some deleted scenes, including alternate endings (although they aren't that alternate).


Television Show said...

Nice post on Elisha Cuthbert's picture! She is so hot and sexy! I think the hottie babe Elisha did very good in this movie!

Erik Samdahl said...

It's hard to not like her, even though she doesn't choose the best of movies. The first season of 24 is still the highlight of her career, though.

canvas art said...

I think that Elisha Cuthbert did good on his character portrayal on this movie, she's sweet and very charming. What do you think of her acting on this movie?

Offers said...

I think that she is one of the most beautiful actress in holywood today and I really like her acting in this movie.