Sunday, October 7, 2007

Movie Review: Black Sheep (2007)

Okay, I'll admit it... This isn't my best written movie review by any means. For one, I'm tired (I fell asleep halfway through writing it). Two, I'm hung over. And three... I'm ashamed that my Seattle Seahawks embarrassed themselves so badly.

Without further ado, here is a part of the Black Sheep movie review...

Humanity has faced its share of monsters. We've survived alligators, crocodiles, sharks and snakes, but never have we faced such a serious threat: sheep. Yes, those lovable, cuddly, wool-providing livestock can be quite ferocious, especially when they're infected with a radioactive substance that turns them into flesh-loving mutants.

Black Sheep, the B-grade New Zealand horror flick, is about just such a likely attack, as a man and a woman find themselves at the center of a crisis where deadly sheep are unleashed upon the countryside, and one bite from the animals could cause massive mutation.

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