Monday, October 8, 2007

Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts to team up?

It may be too early to say whether both actresses are past their prime, but if there are two actresses that come to mind when you think of drawing power, box office demand and pure salary, it's Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman.

According to Fox News, the Pretty Woman star may join Kidman in the upcoming movie Monte Carlo, based on the novel known as "Headhunters". Isn't "Headhunters" a better name than Monte Carlo?

Monte Carlo/Headhunters is about three school teachers in the Midwest who pose as socialites in the world's glamorous gambling capitol and end up hooking up with some billionaires. Apparently, the movie is an update of "How to Marry a Millionaire", but isn't it based on "Headhunters". I'm confused. And I'm confused as to why this movie sounds good to anyone, and why Kidman and Roberts continue to show films below what they're capable of.

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funfare said...

This would be great if ever they make a movie together and I will definitely watch it.