Saturday, September 22, 2007

Top 7 Jessica Alba Photos

As with most guys, I'm a big fan of Jessica Alba. She may have yet to star in one really good movie (Sin City, where she plays a stripper, is the one true exception), but she is just good-looking. And it's not just that she's hot... she is down-to-earth, innocent kind of hot, even when she isn't. And without further ado, here are seven photos that I really, really like...

Also, here's my list of Top 6 Worst Jessica Alba movies.

Nothing steamy here, but she just looks very, very pretty.

Jessica Alba in a bikini is never bad.

The short hair look here works.

This is one of those rare pics where she poses as more of a dirty girl, without being completely obvious about it.

Um, this one speaks for itself.

I really think a ski jacket would have been a better look for this picture.

This one unfortunately has Dane Cook in it, but I think she just looks so good right here. The perfect date.

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