Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Senator Larry Craig is an idiot

Senator Larry Craig, the guy who pleaded guilty to making inappropriate sexual advances on a male police officer in a bathroom, is an idiot. It's one thing to speak out against gays and secretly be gay yourself (okay, he's not gay; he just has gay tendencies, and I'm sure a couple weeks at a special camp will fix him of his evil ways), which seems to be a growing trend among Republicans and right wingers. I can't really blame him for trying to make it go away quietly and quickly - after all, who wouldn't?

But I hate stupid people, and if you are someone in public office, or anyone, and especially a Republican, what is the one thing you shouldn't do when caught in a situation like this? Don't plead guilty!

Supposedly, he plead guilty to make things go away quickly, but who in their right mind was admit guilt to something they didn't do, especially something involving in their sexual orientation? I'm about as far from being homophobic as you can get, but if a police officer conducting a sting operation about sexual activities in a bathroom arrests me and accuses me of looking for gay sex, I, being a straight man, would never plead guilty.

And why would a Senator think that no one would ever find out about it?

Basically, the guy's an idiot. There have been rumors that he's gay since 1982 - just come clean. It might damage or kill your political career, but, you never know, it might feel a hell of a let better coming out of the closet. Of course, He'll still have to deal with the fact that he's an idiot gay (homosexuals are fine, but dumb homosexuals are, like dumb heterosexuals, a waste of oxygen).

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